You Can Trust Our Services

You Can Trust Our Services

An HVAC contractor in Kirkland, WA can modernize your home

Now that you have an energy efficient home, it's time to work on the design. We specialize in small remodeling projects that have big results. Our contractors are skilled in painting services and bathroom remodeling services. We can brighten up a room through laminate or tile installation, or we'll provide a colorful backsplash to match your style. We can even provide a crawl space installation for additional air circulation.

Additional Services include:

  1. Dryer vent cleaning
  2. Tile and laminate flooring
  3. Painting and drywall
  4. Insulation for plumbing
  5. Minor Landscaping

Let us turn your house into a home. Call (425)-406-0263 today to schedule your service in Kirkland, WA.

5 benefits of keeping your dryer vents clean

Clogged or dirty dryer vents can create a host of problems. Save time and money by allowing an HVAC contractor to clean your vents. Here are five reasons why you should invest in this service:

  1. It is energy efficient and eco-friendly
  2. Regular service prevents carbon monoxide
  3. Clear dryer vents comply with fire safety regulations
  4. Clean dryer vents have a longer lifespan
  5. This service eliminates allergens
Taking care of smaller issues prevents major ones. Schedule your free consultation today in Kirkland, WA to see how we could help.