Saving Money and Protecting the Environment

Saving Money and Protecting the Environment

We provide energy efficient upgrades in Kent, WA

Donso Homes Solutions LLC takes pride in delivering environmentally friendly options for home upgrades. You can feel proud knowing you're doing something good for the environment and your wallet. An HVAC contractor will evaluate your home to see which areas would best benefit from system upgrades.

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5 ways to save energy and money

On average, one person can spend anywhere from $200 to $400 on wasted energy annually. This could be due to air leaks, older HVAC systems or drafts. Saving time and money begins with understanding your unknown habits. Consider four ways you can start saving your energy and money today:

  1. Upgrade your windows to reduce air leaks
  2. Invest in a furnace replacement
  3. Insulate attics and crawl spaces
  4. Install or repair ductwork to prevent leaks
  5. Mini Split Systems
If you're in the Kent, WA area, contact us today to upgrade your systems.